Winter greenery

The other day, I was flipping through the grocery flyer and saw that my store had lovely festive hanging baskets filled with pine and birch branches.

There’s no denying, my hanging  baskets out front were looking a little lack lustre, to say the least…


However, I was loathe to pay the price the store was asking…  But I knew a man who could help me out.


It’s deer season, so Dad already some spare pine branches leftover from their hunting blind. And he very kindly cut me off a few chunks of his favourite birch tree on his front lawn.

The other day, we had a brief warm spell (just above freezing) so Relic and I took advantage of the sunshine


And I got to trimming, sawing, tying and arranging. In no time, they were back out front.


And looking so much better. Here’s a close up view.


The berries and pine cones came from the dollar store, as did the ribbon for the bows. They aren’t the fanciest bows – bow-making has never been skill of mine – but they get the job done.


The dollar store also yielded up these cute ornaments, which I strung to the bottom, so when the  wind blows, we can enjoy the tinkling of Christmas bells!


9 thoughts on “Winter greenery

  1. Val, Just wonderful! ! I wouldn’t pay those prices either! I put some more seeds out to bed last week. Mostly minim moms and columbine. I also found the way cool rock when I was down in the woods and am really hoping the rock store in the next town can help i.d. it. A friend gave me a lovely Kalanchoe in pink. I gave it away after the flowers died.
    I just can’t bother with in house plants. My gardens are my outside havens. We have to treat our well water here, so there is the problem of buying sterile water or untreated water for indoor plants and thats a pain.


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