FO: Scrunch me up 2.0

Glove and poncho knitting were set aside the last couple of days while I whipped out another knitted scrunchie.


It’s more yarn dyed by Rowan (Her Wacky Watermelon colourway) – but this one matches a pair of socks for her sister (whipped up by Mom on her circular sock machine)


I made this one a little less wide than the first, and it’s just about perfect.  And it was a nice little diversion but it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled knitting.

6 thoughts on “FO: Scrunch me up 2.0

  1. Araignee

    Cute! I confess to being a scrunchie wearer. They are the only thing that keeps my messy bun where it needs to be. Clips don’t work in my thin hair and elastics hurt.


  2. I think I could use a couple of these as cute collars for the kitties!
    My hair is too short for scrunchies; I don’t even comb it anymore. Which is sorta funny, since I had long, long hair for quite awhile.


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