Lordy, lordy

I’m not quite sure how we got here… but as of this afternoon, I will have completed 40 (Yes.. four-zero) full trips around the sun.

I certainly don’t feel 40… though I’m not entirely sure what 40 is suppose to feel like, exactly.

Anyway, I’ve been properly spoiled. Mom gave me a layer cake of this cute French kitten fabric


And Dave spoiled me with more of my favourite candles, which contained this gorgeous birthstone set.


And even though I didn’t need any more of either of these…

I bought myself a birthday dress and some boots!

I’m now looking forward to my most favourite part of Birthdays – BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!

And I’ve been  wracking my brain about what to do to celebrate with all of you.  In the past, I’ve given big yarn discounts – but we’re no longer selling yarn. I considered offering up free knitting patterns, but I did that last year.

And this year I turn 40 – which is pretty big. So I think it deserves a big give away!

So I’m going to give away one of my quilts… yep – you read that right. I’m almost drowning in them here, and it’s not like I’m about to stop making more any time soon…



I’m offering up the scraptastic Rainbow Block Party. It’s about 68″ wide x 76″ long – it’s not huge, but it will cover the top of a double bed, work well on a twin, or make a extra snuggly couch quilt.

If you’d like a chance to win this – simply leave a comment by midnight EST Saturday, December 14th. I’ll do a draw on Sunday, and announce the winner on Monday. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are – if you win, I’ll ship it to you!

Good luck! And enjoy something sweet to celebrate my 40 years.


21 thoughts on “Lordy, lordy

  1. Melissa aka Witchknit

    Happy Birthday Valerie! I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long while. I can’t tell you what I like more; kitties or crafts (don’t tell the others, but Burton is my favorite). Wishing you a wonderful birthday and thank you for all your wonderful designs and for a chance to win a quilt of your making.


  2. Cheryl

    Good morning and happy birthday Valerie. I live down the road in Woodstock and read your blog every morning. Love watching your kitties and knitting and crafts. Enjoy your day. Love to you all. Cheryl


  3. kayT

    Oh gosh, a chance to have one of your beautiful quilts! Thanks for that. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY for sure. Many of the people in my life have December birthdays and they are all very special so you are in good company. Hope your cake is all you are hoping it will be. Thanks for all the great pictures you post of your quilts and knitting. (I came here for the knitting but the quilts have me stunned; so beautiful and you make them so fast!)


  4. Araignee

    HAPPY 40th to my fellow December baby!!!!! By this time next week I will have gone around the sun 66 times. Yikes! I was just telling The Mister that my mom put me out in the stroller for a nap when I was just a few months old to come out and find me covered in snow. We winter babies are a hearty lot!
    I can’t believe you are giving away that gorgeous quilt. That is just too generous!


  5. Wow, this is such a generous thing to do! As a knitter but not a quilter, I can only imagine the amount of work you’ve put into this quilt, but at least I can appreciate the value of your time and expertise. Happy Birthday!


  6. Shirley

    Happy, happy birthday!!! What wonderful gifts you have received. What an awesome gift you are offering to the winner. That is such a fabulous quilt. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. Enjoy that birthday cake! (Oh, and the years just go faster and faster.)


  7. Susan Charnley

    Happy 40th Birthday. What wonderful presents. And don’t worry about being 40, its a great time and it keeps getting better. I can just picture that quilt covered in my cats. We all have our fingers crossed.


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