Crafty cats

I know…. I know… two days of cats and quilts… but hey, it’s what I’ve got on the go right now.


Pins and Paws is coming together with half the blocks completed. There will be 30 in total (two of each print). These blocks are super easy, and once all the pieces are cut, I can put together one block in under 10 minutes.

As you can see, some cats are facing left,  some right. I’m doing this completely random as I’m sewing them – so in the final layout, they will be random as well.

I may be pushing it, but I’m hoping I can turn this one into a completed top by the end of the year, and ready for quilting in January.


Of course, Relic doesn’t understand why I want to spend my time with fabric cats instead of furry ones….

6 thoughts on “Crafty cats

  1. Shirley

    I really do like those cat blocks! The expression on Relic’s face is priceless – like maybe he has run out of patience at this point. So cute.


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