Boxing day

Ah Boxing Day…


Okay… so it’s not quite a Burton presents it…

For our friends south of the border, if you’ve never heard of Boxing Day… here’s a little history.

In more recent time, it’s become much more commercialized, with Boxing Day sales (Like a slightly less insane Black Friday). Taking part in that aspect has never been a tradition in our family. When I was a kid, there was never any money leftover after Christmas, no matter how good the sale. As a teenager, I work retail, and spent many-a Boxing Day in the mall (and that’s enough to turn you off of it for life).

When we were kids, we usually gathered with my Dad’s extended family. Most of them still do that, but for Dave and I, we prefer to spend it quietly at home together, unwinding from the go-go-go of the days before.

It won’t be a complete veg day though, as I want to use the days between Christmas and New Year’s to go over the house, top to bottom and get rid of everything and anything we no longer need. And what better day to start then Boxing Day?

But I’ll start later in the afternoon. This morning is for reflecting on another lovely holiday! I’m happy to say Dave loved his quilt. The first words out of his mouth were “Wow! It’s a long one!” He was so happy to have some extra blanket to tuck under his feet last night. And of course, he was over the moon with the Celtic fabric.

The matchy matchy socks were also a hit too…


Or at least he pretended they were, in indulged me when I asked him to put them on so I could take a picture of our feet together.

From him I received more candles with more shiny things inside!

Opals and Emeralds and Snowflakes! Oh my!


Mom and Dad spoiled me with rainbow socks and a pair of toasty moccasins! My feet are always cold, but no longer!

There’s more gifting days ahead for us (My brother’s family on New Year’s Day, and Samantha and Co. sometime in the New Year), but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Boxing day

  1. Araignee

    What a wonderful day you had! What great gifts. We didn’t exchange this year. We’re getting a new kitchen…lol.
    I listen to BBC4 as my background noise when I putter so I am very familiar with the Boxing Day thing. I always envied the Brits because they get an extra day to look forward to. Here in the US Christmas prep starts before Halloween anymore and then it’s all over in a flash. That “day after Christmas” feeling is usually a pretty sad one.


  2. Oh those slippers. I got fun slippers too. They are so warm. NO slip on the bottom! Pie and Fezz were the ones who really were nervous and unhappy with Guests at the Holiday. They re fine with just Zach now


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