One big birthday quilt

My sister-in-law Jenn will not be the only one to receive a birthday quilt this year. Terry, my second Mom (Sam’s Mom), has a very big birthday coming in May. And it deserves a very big present.

You guessed it… it’s going to be a VERY big quilt. As soon as I saw the Calico Star quilt tutorial on Missouri Star, I knew I wanted to do it. And it’s the perfect size for this birthday.

I had a pack of 10″ squares in these fabrics


I pulled the batiks and a few of the lighter squares that wouldn’t work with the white background fabric, and subbed in a few squares cut from my fat quarter stash.


Then came the challenge of mixing them up into five separate piles of nine squares (each pile will make two stars).  After much dithering, I finally got it done. Here’s a peak at one stack.


Now I just have to cut 45 white 10″ squares to go with these…


And I can get started!

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