FO: Les Chats Fantastiques

It’s cold and snowy here, and when it’s cold and snowy, there’s nothing better to do than quilt!


So quilt I have been! And as a result, the Pins and Paws quilts (now appropriately named Les Chats Fantastiques) is complete! Isn’t it cute?


It’s a fun pattern. Those cats go together so quick. And making them in an assortment of adorable cat fabric made it that much more fun.


I showed you a glimpse of the flannel backing I had for it, but I have to show you the whole thing


I had to piece it down the middle to have a wide enough back, and I’m so pleased with it.  I was very careful to line it up right, took my time, and it came out just purrfect!

The result is a sweet little lap blanket that wonderful from both sides!

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