I’m a blockhead!

I’ve never really been a person who enjoyed mystery or surprises much (unless it’s a good book or movie, but not real life), so I’ve never really gone in for mystery knit/quilt-a-longs. I usually wait to see the final result, and then decided whether I want to make it. Then of course, the “a-long” part is usually over.

But last summer, Mom took part in a Moda QAL, and made the cutest little quilt top.


Not all the blocks were from the QAL. When she didn’t like a block, she went online and found something she did like and added it in. She ended up learning how to paper piece, upped her skills and make one adorable quilt (though she’s yet to actually quilt it… I’ve offered to do it, but she wants to get all fancy with it… we know I only do meanders or loops.)

Anyway, this is a kind of long way of saying… I joined a QAL! Moda has another group called the Moda Blockheads. It’s a year-long QAL with a block (or two), released each Wednesday. This is the third year they’ve done it.

This year they are offering something like 56 blocks in a variety of sizes from ranging from 4-12 inches. You choose which size you want, and you can even mix them up. Each week the designers offer tips, tricks and other options.

Because there are a huge range of sizes and options, they couldn’t give exact fabric requirements, but they estimated that completing all the 12 inch blocks would require about 30 fat quarters and several yards of background fabric.

I didn’t have any fat quarter bundles with that many FQs, but I did have this.


It’s Posey Meadow from Bluprint. It’s got 20 fat quarters, and I went through my stash and mixed in a few other pieces that would work. I’m not sure I’ll do all the blocks, so I may or may not have enough.  I’ll worry about it when I get to that point.

The first block was released on January 15th.  Several people found it challenging, but I quite enjoyed it.


I did make a couple of small revisions to how it was made (making flying geese instead of sewing triangles and getting all fiddly.) This block also determined the size I am carrying on with. This is the 12″ block. Those little squares are only 2 inches (before sewing). I don’t work with pieces any smaller, so there was no way I was attempting the 8 or even 6 inch version! Yikes!

Block 2 was released on the 22nd. It was much easier, though I took a few liberties with it as well.


Moda includes more “traditional” instructions for each block. I prefer more modern methods, so I used the 4 from 1 HST method, and whizzed through this one. The designer kept all her colours together in each quadrant, and I mixed them up. She also used plain blocks on each corner, and saved an HST of each colour for something else. I said “hang that!” and put them in!

But that’s the fun of this QAL. You can do it completely by the book or go right off the rails. It’s so fun checking out the facebook group to see what everyone is doing. Someone said the other day there is something like 30,000 members… wowza!

And of course, this is a new project, so it needed a project box. But since it’s going to be a year long project, I didn’t want it tying up one of my regular boxes month after month…

So she got her own!


And now I have SIX quilting projects on the go (Thanks Mom….!). Here’s where everything else is at.

  • Spring Blossom – Still making beautiful batik blossoms.
  • Royal Stars – Still buildings stars – this one is not a fast project
  • Moon Dance – Loving this one! I hope to have the top done by the end of February, if not sooner.
  • The other birthday quilt – it doesnt’ have a name yet, and I actually haven’t started yet. Still need to cut those 10 white squares.
  • Blockhead: Two blocks done… over 50 to go. Wednesday takes so long to get here.
  • Leader and Ender quilt – Still making geese, but getting close to top assembly time.


5 thoughts on “I’m a blockhead!

  1. Araignee

    That is so cool!!! I’ve always wanted to do a block of the month thing but the cost always scares me to death when they kit them for you.


  2. Shirley

    Your blocks are just beautiful! I love how you are taking the instructions and adding your own twist to the blocks. So creative! Your Mom’s quilt is very pretty.


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