Summer in the mail

I was thrilled to open my mailbox yesterday and discover a package from the lovely Araignee.

I wasn’t going to take part in her latest soap giveaway (I still have a few bars from previous ones, and I think everyone should get a chance at her wonderful soap)… but then she mentioned raspberry, and I caved.


And I’m so glad  I did! I wish there was some way  I could share scent through the computer screen… because it is AH-MAZING! It’s like opening a fresh jar of raspberry jam.

She also sent along a little pot of Key-Lime lip balm (which I have a feeling Dave will steal on me), and a pot of Creamsicle body butter. Creamsicle may be one of my most favourite scents EVER!

And of course, she included one of her fantastic handmade cards. I’ll be using this one for a very cool purpose. I urge you to check out the link and send one along if you can!

Thank you so much, Araignee!


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