My love for green and growing things is well-known to all of you. And since it will still be a couple months until I can really get into the garden, all my “growing” energies are focused on my indoor plants.

My collection has grown quite a bit over the last six or so months. Because there’s only a handful of places in the house with adequate light, it was starting to feel like the plants were taking over.

Amazon came to the rescue with a cute little corner shelf  to help tidy up the plants all over Grandma’s table.


Once filled, it completed a happy little plant corner in the dining room.


Of course, that’s not all of the plants in the house….


There are hanging baskets in every corner I could put on in. And there’s this little nook behind Dave’s couch.


And of course, there’s my collection at the back door. All these plants go outside for the summer, but for now, they are crowded where they can get the best light.


Upstairs in my studio, there’s another collection that spend the summer outdoors. But that’s not all…


I even have real plants in my fish tank!


4 thoughts on “Flora-phile

  1. Araignee

    I had to give up on indoor plants when the cats showed up. They either eat them or pee in them. They killed a big dragon tree I bought as a twig when I was in high school and I cried like a baby over losing that thing. After 40 years it was a part of the family. Darn cats. I still get mad when I think about it.


  2. I am working harder at chosing which plants will do well in the house–not because they need to be inside but because they bring me pleasure! The only problem is I put them in the window sills and the cats knock them down–like being awakened this morning to one going down at the head of my bed….How do you keep the cats out of your shelves?!


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