Trash to treasure


Relic and I are desperately awaiting spring. This is the hardest time of the year for me (and him, I think). The days are getting longer, and sunnier… but we are still a full month away from seeing anything remotely exciting in the garden, and longer to be able to dig a new garden and actually plant anything new.

I did buy some seeds to lift my spirits (just sunflowers, nasturtiums and some neat ornamental grass), but that only does so much for you.

But the other day, when I was parking my truck, I noticed something odd lying on the grass by my parking spot. Sadly, the parking lot where I park doesn’t have cameras, and people tend to just toss things. I do my part to try and keep it clean, so I went over to check it out.

Imagine my surprised when I realized it was a little garden fountain shaped like a cauldron. It was full of leaves and frozen water, and I assumed it was tossed because it wasn’t working any more. But I know a guy… and he’s pretty handy – especially with pumps. So I brought it home.

Dave rolled his eyes when I brought it in, but he immediately took it down to his lair to see if he could work his magic.

And magic he worked!


In no time, that little cauldron was bubbling with the sound of water again! And even more exciting… we found it online, and those two little compartments on either side…


…are for plants! Any thoughts on what I should plant in it this spring?

8 thoughts on “Trash to treasure

  1. kayT

    I’m jealous of your find; that’s a great fountain. I think I’d plant begonias and let them trail over the edge. I like the ones with variegated dark leaves.


  2. Araignee

    Isn’t that just the cutest little thing!! Who would want to throw that out? I bet it wasn’t cheap. I can’t wait to see what you plant in it. I hear you about this time of year. I hate March. It’s so damp and windy. It’s miserable from start to finish. Give me a clear, cold February any day.


  3. jatshaw

    We are longing for blue skies and sunshine, too. What a cool find, and kudos to Dave for fixing it! I guess what you plant in it depends on where you put it, but I agree with Dee on impatiens, or maybe those nasturtium seeds!


  4. Wow That fountain find is awesome!!!! Just awesome!
    Im ready to plant cosmos and clover. And I may have fireman do a controlled burn tomorrow. ……I spent a lot of time last fall dividing plants and sowing seeds that would overwinter. They better make it . Somewhere under all that snow is those seeds.


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