FO: Sea horse

I mention that once I finished the Laguna socks, I needed to focus on a birthday present for Wren. Her birthday is near the end of March, and it felt like that was creeping up fast.

I had planned to make her another cardigan, but then I remembered she’s turning three this year. That’s the age when they really start recognizing that birthdays are all about them. A cardigan is nice, but it’s really more of a present for her mom, than her.

Toy knitting has always been a favourite of mine, so I decided to go digging for something cool… something different…


something like a Seahorse!  The pattern is by Hansi Singh. I’ve done a few of her creature knits and they never cease to amaze me. This little guy is no exception.

He’s knit with Stray Cat – just some leftovers I had hanging about. That’s the beauty of toy knitting. They don’t take a lot of yarn – or time. I had this guy done in one evening.

The only modification I made was to add a couple of horns to his head.


Real  seahorses tend to have bumpy heads, and this guy’s was looking a little too smooth.

Were I to make another, I’d only make one other modification. I’d make the tail longer. You can’t tell but there’s a little piece of pipe cleaner in there to help it curl. But there’s not really enough tail to curl much.

But that’s for another time. Right now, Mr. Seahorse needs a few other sea creature friends.

9 thoughts on “FO: Sea horse

  1. Araignee

    Knitted stuffies are so cute! I wish I had the talent for them but the ones I make look lopsided and sloppy. I tried a bunny years ago-what a disaster. I think I knit too loose to make a fabric that will hold its shape.


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