FO: Nudibranch

As I mentioned earlier this week, Wren’s Seahorse needed a friend or two… so the next night, I knit a…


Nudibranch! For those of you that don’t know, a nudibranch is just a sea slug. A colourful, fancy, poisonous sea slug. They live on coral reefs and come in a crazy amount of styles and colours.

This is another pattern by Hansi Singh, and it was definitely a fun one. Doing all those branchs (or gills) on his back was a bit of a pain…


But he’s not really a nudibranch without them (nudibranch basically means naked gills).


The only change I’d make to this one is my colour selection. I’d used something less contrasty for the last few rows on that ruffled edge. I don’t like the way it curls and shows the purl bumps. Something closer in colour (or a solid colour ruffle) would be nicer.

Now Mr. Nudibranch is hanging out with Mr. Seahorse, and I’ve got needles clicking on one last creature.

7 thoughts on “FO: Nudibranch

  1. Shirley

    Since I had never heard of or seen a photo of a nudibranch, I think yours turned out great. Those creatures will be such a wonderful gift.


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