FO: Dog Logs

When I finished Whirly Geese off, I decided to run Calibre’s quilt through the quilter too. It’s not very big, so it was done in no time!


It’s about 28″ x 40″. Not huge by any means but the perfect size for our favourite beagle pup.


Mom had the perfect chunk of flannel for the back


And now this is all packed up and awaiting our playdate which is set for mid-April… provided the Corona virus plays nice with all of us, of course!

8 thoughts on “FO: Dog Logs

  1. Araignee

    Your doggy fren is going to love it! Pup loves to scratch around in her blankies until she makes a nest out of them so she can plop down in the middle of it. It’s so cute.


  2. Oh my golly! The puppy patch at the bottom is adorable. Hope you are able to get together soon.

    Two weeks is seeming VERY long right now.(And, of course, we don’t know that will be the end of the social distancing. :::sigh:::


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