Show me the green!

We had a nice warm day on Friday, and in between the showers (we can’t seem to get warm AND sun at the same time!), I did a poke around the gardens.

Naturally, I had company…IMG_1811

Nothing makes that boy happier than having someone outside to play with him.  Just look at that smile….

Now… back to the green and growing things…

It’s looking like the daffodils will be the first to bloom this year. Though it’s hard to say how quickly they’ll actually pop open. We didn’t get blooms until mid-April last year, but this winter has definitely been much milder.

So mild that the roses and butterfly bush as already starting to show signs of life… weeks ahead of normal.

There a spring bulbs coming up all over the place. And it looks like they’ve multiplied!


I will probably have to thin the day lilies this year as they are off to a fantastic start.

And we’re seeing the start of all the summer perennials. I’ve got to get in and clean out all the leaves and such, but there’s plenty of green already peaking through.


And last, but certainly not least… strawberries! So nice to have these coming back. I can’t wait until June!

4 thoughts on “Show me the green!

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….your post may have answered a question. I had some bulbs that were uprooted by water flow from the property behind ours. I wasn’t sure what they were. They are smallish, cream color, ovoid bulbs with a small amount of green sprouting. I think, by your photos, that they may be day lilies (Tiger lilies, to be exact).


  2. Araignee

    You’ve got a lot going on! Everything is in bloom here and the trees are already filling in. A bunch of really dumb people are flocking here to see the famous cherry blossoms on the mall. Just what we need-crowds.


  3. Shirley

    It looks as though your gardens are going to be awesome this year. It has been a beautiful early spring in NC. We are still on the temperature roller coaster with 85 degrees on Friday, 70 on Saturday and 55 today. By the end of next week, forecast is for back to 80 degrees.


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