FO: Yinyang kitty socks

With Woodland Walk off the needles, I needed a new pair of socks on them.

Natalie’s not sure if she’s going to be able to hold her open house this year, so I’ve put making stuff for it on hold until we have a better idea of how the summer is going to play out. So I’ve turned my attention to gift knitting for the interim.

Rowan’s birthday is fast approaching at the start of June. As we likely won’t be able to go see them (they live three hours away). I’d like to have her present done in time to mail it if I have to.

I’ve got a few things planned for her, but one of them was a pair of socks. The Yinyang Kitty Ankle socks to be exact.


And they pretty much fell off the needles, as you can see! I used leftover Alley Cat in Strawberry Yogurt, and leftover Barn Cat in Canary.  I made a few mods:

  1. I knit them top down instead of toe up, That’s just a personal preference thing.
  2. I am not great at intarsia, so the ears, eyes and nose were all done after thev fact
  3. For the ears, I pick up stitches, knit a triangle, and then cast off. I stitched the two sides of the triangle to the sock, and it gives a bit of a 3D look.

Eyes and nose were duplicate stitch, which I’m not fabulous at. But I managed. Yellow kitty has a slightly different nose because I counted wrong, but it works!IMG_2075This is a pattern I’ve wanted to knit for a long time, and I’m so glad I finally have! It’s such a cute result that took no time at all!

And now I need yet another pair of socks on the needles!

11 thoughts on “FO: Yinyang kitty socks

  1. Those turned out great Val! When I made these for Mailing, I also made them cuff down (my preference too) and did the duplicate stitch for the eyes, nose and whiskers. Rowan will love these!


  2. These are adorable, and I love your mods. I prefer top down socks, too, and your 3D ears are delightful. I may need to do this in worsted (I don’t knit tiny stitch socks!) for slipper socks.

    Rowan will love this birthday treat!


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