Saturday garden stop

Hello May! You are our very favourite month of the garden season, because once the sun and warmth are consistence, there’s no stopping the garden from growing!

Just look at those hyacinths now!

The tulips are up next – they will be in full bloom by this time next week.

The Chives (left) and Globe Allium are both putting up buds. They will take a few weeks more to bloom.


The Lily-of-the-Valley is still weeks off, but it’s nice to see those little flower bells just staring to peek out!


The Pasque flower might see blooms sooner though! This is such a pretty one when it gets going. Speaking of which…


The red Dwarf Columbine has started to bloom, and by this time next week it will be covered in red flowers.

Both the roses and raspberries are leafing out nicely. I’m happy to say all my rose bushes survived the winter.


And just look at the Daylilies! Already as high as the step. If you’re new to gardening, or just have trouble with plants – go with Daylilies. You really can’t go wrong with them.

Before I go, a gentle reminder…

Don’t pull those dandelions from your gardens and yard just yet. They are an important early source of food for bees.

9 thoughts on “Saturday garden stop

  1. Araignee

    I just knocked down all the heated outside kitty huts and it got cold here again. This spring is nuts. Most year the MDSW is too darn hot. Today it would have been perfect for wearing your woolly stuff. Go figure.


  2. jatshaw

    Don’t you just love Spring? Have a nice weekend. BTW, I am working on those Kitty Socks and hope to do the ears like you did.


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