FO: Minerva

The Minerva cowl is complete, and it just reinforces my hunch that handspun is the perfect yarn for entrelac!

I had just enough of it to create a nice small cowl. I finished it off with a few rows of garter and five buttonholes.


Nothing fancy for the buttons, but they are a lovely shade of purple that matches perfectly.

The finished cowl is just deep enough, and long enough to find a nice bit of insulation around the neck.  Tucked into a coat it will definitely keep the wearer warm!

Now it’s in the gift box, awaiting the right recipient! Thank you, Michelle, for this wonderful pattern and knit-a-long!

12 thoughts on “FO: Minerva

  1. Yes, on the self-striping yarns and entrelac! which is why I have 2 Lady Eleanor’s in self-striping, although not handspun. And the Calico top is precious! Love the riot of color.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    That is absolutely beautiful! The colors and design are wonderful. How lucky someone will be to be the recipient of that gift!


  3. jatshaw

    Nice work! I love the colors of your yarn, and your entrelac is perfect, and so are the buttons. Did you have them in your stash already? The cowl looks like it’ll be handy on chilly days, too.


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