At the cabin

I managed to scrounge together enough fabric to make the three yellow blocks I need for my Rainbow in the Dark quilt


I had to cut strips off some stashed fat quarters and yardage to do it. I don’t normally like to do that for scrap quilts – I like them to be true leftovers from other projects, but I also don’t want this one to drag on forever. I’d like to have it wrapped up and off to my friend in a couple months.

Blue will probably be up next, because I’ve got plenty of blue strips, but I’m going to have to raid Mom’s scraps to get enough for orange, red and purple.

10 thoughts on “At the cabin

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Love the yellow and black! I always start with scraps but then have to resort to pulling fabrics to get my color range.


  2. jatshaw

    Nice! I noticed that if you would turn the block 90 degrees, it looks like a heart! that’s going to be a very cheerful quilt.


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