Garden break

Though this week cooled off a bit compared to last, it was mostly sunny and things continued apace in the garden

As predicted, the red Dwarf Columbine is awash in blooms. There’s actually four separate plants there now – it’s reseeded itself like crazy since last year. When the blooms are spent, I’ll transplant a couple of them to some empty spots in the garden for next year.

My various varieties of happy Daffies continue to bloom, including my most favourite – the mini ones with the apricot-coloured centre. I have enough Daffodils throughout the gardens that I should have them blooming for a couple weeks more at least.

The Tulips are marching right along on time. Like the Daffies, these beauties will give me colour for several weeks. I really should plant more of them in the fall.


The purple Pasque flower bloomed quicker than I expected. I have this flower in dark red too, but it’s in a slightly shadier spot so it takes a little longer to open.


And look how much the Lily-of-the-Valley has grown in just a week! If it grew any faster, you’d be able to see it happen.


My peonies are looking good too. If I had a bigger yard, I’d have a lot more peonies. I absolutely love them!

This plant is called Candytuft. I bought it on clearance last year on a whim (I do that with plants, a lot!) and I’m so glad I did! Just look at those buds. By this time next week it’s just going to be one big white mass of flowers!

Before I go, I’m happy to report that most of the seeds I planted a few weeks back are starting to sprout! While I love the instant gratification of buying plants from a garden centre, there’s a definite pride that comes when you start them from seed!

8 thoughts on “Garden break

  1. Your garden is looking great.

    I learned a lesson with last year’s garden. Don’t cut everything back. Some of my flowers bloom on “old wood”. This year’s yard is going to look a lot nicer than last year’s.


  2. Araignee

    How pretty!!! We are way past the blooming stage of things now. We are in the jungle. It got cold though…..brrrr. Only getting to 40 today with a strong wind. Ugh.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    How beautiful and happy and colorful! Just a delight. All of those plants have finished blooming in my area so it is fun to see them again. Candytuft and columbine are magical plants and just keep on giving.


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