FO: Woodland Walk

As mentioned yesterday, the lavender Woodland Walk socks were also for Mom for Mama’s Day.


I finished them up just before the weekend. They are a really fast sock knit if you stick to it. As the pattern is just across 16 stitches, the majority of the knit is stockinette – easy, peasy. The lace pattern has a nice flow, and once you get going, it’s easy to read, meaning it’s easy to pick up and put down. That said, it’s one of those patterns where you want to work to the end of the char. It all combines to make some speedy knitting. This pair took me just two weeks of not-quite-so-steady knitting (Minerva and the Barnyard sweater were worked on as well)

IMG_2686As soon as I saw the yarn on the Knitpicks site, I knew it was the perfect colour for Mom. As mentioned (and a lot of you noted this is a common problem with tweed), lots of those little nubbies fall off during the knitting. And I’m sure many more will with the wearing. But what I really love about this yarn….


Is the subtle heathering. I almost wish they made a yarn like it, without the nubs. It’s so pretty.

And now with this pair done…. I need to start another!

11 thoughts on “FO: Woodland Walk

  1. Araignee

    They are lovely! I was snipping off some of the bigger nubs when I was knitting with my tweed sock yarn yesterday. Some of them are just too weird looking and had to go.


  2. After spending hours handwashing socks this weekend, I appreciate pretty socks! Bet this pair would wash up nicely; The Hubby’s athletic socks are a bear to wash, and take forever to dry…I’ve got socks hanging all over the place.


  3. Oh Val. They are awesome. What has happened to my sock mojo? It will return I’m sure! The nubbies are cute, but they would bother me on the foot bottom I’m sure…..
    You and Dee need those clogs that show your socks off


  4. Shirley Elliott

    That is a beautiful pair of socks! Love the yarn and the pattern. Sure your Mom was delighted with her wonderful gifts.


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