Gearing up

Not much has changed in the garden. Last weekend, despite my posted pictures (which were taken a few days early) the temps dropped drastically. We even got snow on Saturday. Thankfully, it did  not stick, though it remained cold, grey and rainy for several days.

That said, even though there’s nothing blooming there, the tree garden is a riot of colour.


I struggled with this garden for the first couple years we were here. Because of the tree, it’s a pretty shady spot. In addition, in the summer, the tree soaks up any moisture like a sponge. Even with daily watering, I was struggling to keep plants alive. Then I got a couple trays of these ground-cover sedums and I’ve never looked back.


It makes a great summer home for the gnomes too, and as you can see, they’ve taken up residence for the season again.


The “London Pride” Rockfoil I planted last year in the side walk garden survived the winter nicely. It’s just starting to put up its bloom stems now.


Despite the cold, Nasturtium seeds I planted in my hanging pots is starting to sprout.  And speaking of hanging pots…


Last year, this hanging pot had a Gerbera daisy, the Creeping thyme (on the left), and the other viney plant on the right (I can’t remember the name). I knew the Thyme would come back, but I was surprised about the the other vine! I’m glad it came back, because I really love it. I’ll have to get some more of it for my other pots.

The rest of the blooms are much as they were last week.

And while there’s not too much excitement today, there’s  definitely more to come. I’m off on vacation all week, and  the Garden Centres have been allowed to open. I’ve got soil to buy, and LOTS and LOTS of pots to fill this year!

I’ll leave you with this little reminder from Relic

Even if the wind is chilly, the pavement is always warm!

9 thoughts on “Gearing up

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Your tree garden is just perfect and everything else is showing so much potential. You will have just as much fun outside playing in the dirt as Relic. Have a wonderful week!


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