Barnyard bulk

While the start of my vacation week was gloomy and rainy, the majority of the rest of it was sunny and warm. After taking care of the gardens, there was plenty of time to sit outside and enjoy my surroundings.

And if I’m sitting… I’m knitting!


As a result, I’ve just attached the fourth ball on the chunky (sheepy) cardigan. It’s about 12 inches long now, which means I’ve only got four more inches before I split for the armholes


After that, things will move much faster…

..that is if Burton gives it back to me.

8 thoughts on “Barnyard bulk

  1. Great progress Val. .Love Burton baby. Every time. He’s a joy to behold. My cosmos are planted. The clover is going wild! The columbine is blooming. The echinacea is back and looking like we may get blooms this year!!!! Clematis are doing great. And the tree I thought was dying….well it aint!!!!


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