Friday felines

It’s that time of year again!


Wabbit Season!

Actually we see the buns all year round here, but it’s only about this time of year that we see the babies. They  are all just old enough to leave the nest and start venturing out on their own.

I actually don’t see them all that often, except when a certain someone alerts me to their presence.


If you look closely, you can see a little bunny bum between those pots.


Now Relic is pretty good about the local wildlife. He more or less ignores the birds, squirrels and larger buns. But there’s something about the baby buns he just can’t resist.


It’s fine when they don’t move – but as soon as they run, he wants to give chase. He has caught a few, but fortunately, he doesn’t seem to want to kill them. He always proudly brings them to me, still alive,  for inspection (maybe he wants to keep one as a pet?)


This one figured out that running wasn’t helping his cause, so he found a cool place under the Chives and Lupin to chill for a bit until Relic got bored and wandered away.

Then little bun hopped off to do whatever little buns do.

14 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. The little bun is so cute.

    Considering how Giroux ripped up the lizards that got in the house, I think he probably would not be gentle like Relic.


  2. I’m impressed! While it’s true that we sometimes get a live bun delivery, that’s not always the case. Ours are a little further along right about now – I saw two teenaged ones playing at the barn yesterday 🙂


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