Socking it to Dave

Dave’s birthday socks are underway!


The yarn is some BFL I dyed up specifically in colours I could use for man socks. This colour is “grasshopper” and while it looks a touch bluish here, it’s more of a vibrant grass green with just a touch of yellow.

The pattern is Petty Harbour. I’ve seen a few of you knit this one, and it’s a nice bit of texture to keep a man-sock interesting. I haven’t decided if I’ll carry the pattern down the foot yet. I’ll worry about that when I get there.

And while these socks have a deadline (July 20th), I’m still trying to stick to my self-imposed goal of one ball a week on the barnyard sweater… so I’ve got to put these down for a bit and work on that stinky thing… sigh….

10 thoughts on “Socking it to Dave

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Love the color that shows on my monitor but it is aqua. Sure the actual color is beautiful from your description. Bet Burton will be glad when you pick up the barnyard sweater again.


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