Knit your greens

IMG_4473I admit… I’ve been neglecting the barnyard cardigan. The heat and humidity have returned. And even though the A/C is on, it’s still not nice to sit there with a pile of stinky, smelly, itchy wool in your lap.

Instead, my knitting time has been focused on Dave’s birthday socks. The first one is done. As mentioned, the pattern is Petty Harbour, and it’s a nice repetitive pattern that creates a lovely bit of texture. It doesn’t show up so well when knitting, but when the sock is stretched out on a foot, or blocker, it’s much more apparent.

While socks are great, I still have to think of something else for his birthday. I had tickets for us to go see Guns n’ Roses on July 13th, but thanks to COVID, it’s been  postponed, and will likely be cancelled altogether.

Any thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Knit your greens

  1. The socks look great! I’ve got no ideas. I can never even think of anything for my own Hubby, let alone someone elses. He’s so hard to buy for because he never, ever asks for anything for himself. Meanwhile, he spoils me rotten. 🙂


  2. Araignee

    The sock is great but Guns and Roses? Wow….that’s too bad. How do you replace that? I was hoping to see Alegria in July but no Cirque for me.


  3. The socks are gorgeous.

    Does Dave have wireless headphones? Or maybe some downloads of Guns ‘n Roses music? Another cat??? Maybe he would like another cat. LOL


  4. Shirley Elliott

    The socks are going to be wonderful! As to a replacement for the Guns n’ Roses concert, that’s a hard act to replace. My daughter and granddaughter had tickets also. Hope you are able to come up with something special.


  5. Your sock is awesome Mine is also green with a tiny pattern to it.
    Hmmm Gifts for your hubby: mine got a drone and he’s excited to fly the thing
    The kids gave it to him for father s day.
    Between you and I when he opened it, and saw the instruction manual he said, “Oh man I wish they got me a shirt” He hates when technology intimidates him!!


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