Four by four

Although I haven’t been sewing quite as much as I once was, those little L&E two patches were really piling up.


When I started this project, this little box was overflowing with 2.5 in scraps. Now it’s almost at the bottom. Since I will need 2.5 squares for the diagonal blocks as well, I decided it was time to start sewing all the two patches…


Into four patches.


Once the two-patch basket is emtpy, I’ll count my four patches and decide if I need to make more. If not, then I can start on those diagonal blocks!

Here’s where all my quilts are at

  • Blockhead quilt – Waiting for next block
  • Bramble patch – Still sourcing fabrics
  • Walk like a dinosaur – Still making toes
  • Rainbow in the dark – Only purple left!
  • Bumbleberry sampler – 10 blocks to go
  • L&E – As above!

5 thoughts on “Four by four

  1. Araignee

    More sweet little blocks for a scrappy quilt! I am amazed to see how much you have in the works, I can juggle knits but with quilting I tend to be pretty single minded.


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