Raspberry season

It’s that time of year again…


I get about a cup full of fresh juicy goodness every morning.


I’m trying not to eat them all – I need to save four cups to make a batch of jam!

Elsewhere in the garden…

My “fancy” daylilies are beginning to bloom. L-R Autumn Joy, Night Embers, and Crimson Pirate.

My Casblanca Lilies have also bloomed. They are the biggest and showiest of all my lilies.


Neighbour Krista gifted me with a HUGE Mandivilla plant the other day, and it’s just starting to show of it’s pretty pink petals.


These little black-eyed susans first popped up in the front garden last year, and I’m so glad they came back. They aren’t very big, but they are so cute!


Most of my toad lilies bloom in the fall, but for some reason these pale yellow ones always bloom mid-summer.


And look at my beautiful little snapdragons! I don’t know why, but dragons have always been one of my favourites.

11 thoughts on “Raspberry season

  1. Cleo

    Those flowers are all beautiful, but the berries are the best. Dad says where he grew up waaaay up in Massachusetts his back yard was filled with raspberries and blackberries.


  2. all that blooming goodness!!!! Lovely!!! I’m afraid I eat what blackberries I have every morning in my oatmeal. I won’t get a single cobbler this year. All my fault!!! Heehee…not really complaining!!! Yum.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Those raspberries look delicious! Your flowers are all just so beautiful. I smile just looking at your photos. I love the small black-eyed susans. Don’t think I have ever seen any like that.


  4. Oh your gardens are magnificent. The frog s are the best! i caught a little frog today and put him in a big jar. I ve been hoping to show my friends grandkids on video, how if they eat a firefly it will blink in its whole little frog body. I had no luck today as I only caught one firefly. I need to wear my glasses I think!!!!! Big storms headed here…..tonight I hope all the tall flowers stay up


  5. My raspberries are just finishing up. I have loved getting a handful of fresh berries for my morning cereal (and for a while, a lot more than that, but they’ve slowed down). And we still have blueberries on the later bush, too. So delicious!


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