Squirrelington’s fine dining

On any normal day, Dave and I are woken not by an alarm clock,  but the gentle, yet insistent purring of a 15 lb floof monster crushing our chests.

But the other morning, I awoke, and Burton was no where to be seen. Rupert and Relic were in their usual positions on the blanket box at the end of the bed. But Burton was nowhere in sight. It could only mean one thing…

We had visitors at the breakfast bar.


By the time I got downstairs, the peanuts I’d put out the night before were long gone. All the diners scampered off when I went out to serve up more. But it didn’t take them long to find their way back.

We spent a good hour at least watching this pair alternate. Both opted for take-out, which is fine with me – less mess to clean up when they are done!

Fun fact: Both of these little guys are Eastern Grey Squirrels,despite the fact that one is black.

Once the breakfast bar closed for the morning, there were some dramatics over the lack of service…

…but I promised them there would be a dinner service and all was well.


13 thoughts on “Squirrelington’s fine dining

  1. This is so fun to see. There was a similar type of playground at a little place way up In Northern Wisconsin, called th Little Swiss Village. . My kids would watch the chipmunks come and ride a little ferris wheel and take peanuts in the shell off little strings hanging down. They kept my little ones busy while they waited for their breakfast pancakes there. Fun memory. Thanks


  2. Oh my Heavens, these squirrel photos are priceless! Dad and I have some we were going to be using in a future post, but they pale in comparison to what you’ve captured here. The black one sprawled across the tiny table is just the best!!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What great entertainment for the cats. The picnic table seems to be getting quite a workout. The squirrel’s stance in the first photo is hilarious.


  4. Kudos for keeping the squirrels happy and entertaining the 2 leggeds. You’ve gotten some wonderful pictures. Luckily we don’t have squirrels around us. So instead I watch the birds. I imagine it is a matter of time before squirrels will make their way here. Great pictures.


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