FO:Walk Like a Dinosaur

As planned, I got the dinosaur quilt completed on the weekend.


It always amazes me how “finished” a quilt looks once it’s quilted and bound. It’s not much different from the completed top – just some poof and squiggly lines, but it really brings it up a notch.


It finished out at about 63″ square – a lot bigger than the baby blanket I had originally planned. It would make a good lap quilt, or an extra layer for a twin bed. There are a lot of fun fabrics in the the dino “prints”, but I really love the flannel I found for the back.


Not only dinosaurs… but woolly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers too! (And such adorable tigers!)


9 thoughts on “FO:Walk Like a Dinosaur

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What a beautiful finished project! Love your fabrics and the backing is just wonderful. In the photos, the quilt look more rectangular than square. Such a great gift for some special person.


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