Barely a stitch

First- a HUGE thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the quilt raffle. Natalie did the draw on Sunday night, and we raised over $2800 for her rescue kitties. We are both blown away! Thank you all so much!

Now to other business

For the last several day, the weather has been perfect! It’s just what summer should be, warm, sunny, a light breeze… but NO humidity. Just happy and cheery and comfortable.

As such, every minute I can spend outside, has been spent outside. It’s been great, but it means I haven’t spent much time with needles in hand.


Since finishing the first sock last week, this is all I’ve accomplished on the second sock!

I really gotta get moving!

9 thoughts on “Barely a stitch

  1. Araignee

    I am seriously jealous of your good weather. I can’t think of a time that it hasn’t been miserable out. This has been the worst summer ever for so many reasons.


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