The chop

As is tradition, Mom has the munchkins for a week…


Although they aren’t  really munchkins any more (12 and 16 now! How did THAT happen???)

As usual, there’s lots of crafts flying about – beading, jewellery making, diamond painting…

And sewing.


Paisley is making herself a quilt. She hopes to have it done before they leave on Saturday, so hopefully I’ll have pictures of an FO for you next week.


Miss Winnie is doing her best to help.

Rowan has been making scrunchies….


… with matching face masks! (Who ever thought that’s a sentence we’d hear?! ) This one  just needs it’s elastic added.

And, as is tradition, Mom also took the girls to the salon for a trim. I was in bad need of a trim myself, so I joined them.

Just  had the bottom 7 or 8 inches trimmed off! It’s nice to have something fresh!

12 thoughts on “The chop

  1. Araignee

    Those HST are amazing! I was just watching a MSQ tutorial last night on making them. Mine are always terrible.
    Love your new haircut. It must feel wonderful. I really hate my hair but I’ve tried to go shorter and just end up looking old. Not that I’m not old ….I just prefer not to look too old from a distance…lol.


  2. Love, love, love your hair do!!! And the Moda, I hear you. I am stopped at 28 blocks, so I am just adding alternate plain squares and doing an on point wall hanging. I already have 3 other block tops to sew together, so I need a 4th? Nope! The girls will have sooo much fun on their craft week! And Miss Winnie too.


  3. The quilt is beautiful. My favorite colors and the scrunchies and matching masks are a brilliant idea. I’ll bet she could make some money selling them to other teens.
    Your haircut is gorgoeous! I hope you continue to have a wonderful time this week.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    My thought as I saw the photo was they aren’t really munchkins any more before I even read your comment. Winnie is just adorable and the quilt is going to be wonderful. You obviously inherited good hair because it is beautiful and looks so thick and healthy in both photos. Bet your new cut makes you have shorter hair than Dave.


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