Tomato time

The ripening of the tomatoes has finally begun!

These are San Marzano tomatoes. They are about the size of a plum tomato, and are apparently good for making sauces. Dave had the first one sliced up on his falafel wrap the other day. He said they were great. I’ll take his word for it – tomatoes aren’t my thing, as much as I love to grow them.

My real love likes with my flowers!


I think my yard needs more Susans – they are the best bloomer for this time of year!

White Lightning is blooming again. This definitely is my most favourite rose. Classic, beautiful and amazing smelling.

I finally managed to produce some Teddy Bear Sunflowers from seed (this is my third try)


So fuzzy! Definitely going to grow them again!

I had to stop in at Home Depot the other day, and they had some plants on clearance.


I picked up this pretty pink sage to go with my purple one when I revamp the gardens.

And I got this gorgeous hibiscus


It will have to come in come winter, so I’m going to put it in a pretty pot.

What’s ripe in your world?

8 thoughts on “Tomato time

  1. Those tomatoes look so good. Maybe we can try that kind next year. I love a good garden tomato. Ours are slow to ripen this year, but beans are finally coming in and the jalapenos are doing well. Regular bell peppers are growing and the cherry tomatoes are plentiful. I love that Teddy Bear Sunflower!


  2. Araignee

    My tomato harvest was dismal. This was such a terrible year weather wise that I will give myself the benefit of the doubt and try again next year.


  3. Years ago, my brother grew so many roma tomatoes, that I brought home a grocery paper bag full of them, and made buckets of yummy salsa!
    Well…to be honest, I just followed instructions given by The Hubby, who’d was injured and couldn’t do the work himself. He’s the chef around here; I just sit at the table…


  4. That Teddy Bear sunflower really makes me smile. It’s so sweet. Those tomatoes look delicious. I love tomatoes but can’t eat them uncooked, unless it’s on bread which absorbs the acid. I used to can lots of tomatoes from my garden, but not this year.
    Take care


  5. Great Teddy Bear sunflower Val!! wow. Tomatoes are ripening. Beans coming in dribs and drabs. hoping my acorn squash will flourish as it continues to grow. I don’t eat many tomatoes but Fireman loves home grown. My folks did too


  6. Shirley Elliott

    The Teddy Bear Sunflower is beautiful! I have never seen one. The rose looks so delicate. What a wonderful year you have been having with your gardens (even if it took several tries for the sunflowers).


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