From patches to snowballs

I have finally made enough four patches for my Leader/Ender project. In fact, I made more than enough. I have 26 too many. But that’s ok, I’ll use them in another project eventually.

Now I’m on to snowballing two corners on some plain white squares. I need 160 of them, and then I can start assembling the blocks. I don’t imagine that will be any time soon, but that’s ok. I’m in no rush

Here’s where all my other quilt projects are at.:

  • Blockhead quilt – Waiting for next block!
  • Flannel adventures – Sewing super soft paws!
  • L&E – As above.

9 thoughts on “From patches to snowballs

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Wait! You only have three quilting projects in the works! Those four patches and snowball blocks have so much potential. Looking forward to seeing it evolve.


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