The beginning of the end

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the great white north. As it has all over the world, COVID has put a bit of a damper on the traditional gathering of family.

But one tradition COVID can’t mess with has to do with me and my garden. This weekend is always the weekend I bring the indoor plants back inside (it’s getting chilly out there and we could get frost any day now), and I also use the time to get the gardens ready for winter.

Among the plants that will be coming inside is the Hibiscus.

She was a sad little plant on a clearance rack a few months ago, but with a little love, she turned into a prolific bloomer. But, she won’t appreciate the cold and snow, so in she comes.

We’ve had a decent harvest of the few edibles things we grow.

I brought in the last of the banana peppers (hand included for scale). And while it’s been mostly cold and rainy, the plants are still flowering!

Same with the tomatoes. We got a fair few red ones (and some still ripening) but there are A LOT of green ones that just didn’t have time to ripen. We won’t get enough warm days for the slow pokes to catch up, I’m afraid.

My fall raspberries are finally turning red and juicy… though the bluejays are getting most of them before I have a chance. Apparently a daily buffet of peanuts and sunflower seeds are not enough.

Speaking of sunflowers, these small red ones are still popping out a few blooms.

And these yellow beauties actually belong to my neighbour. They are called Helianthus, and are related to the sunflower. He told me I can harvest some seeds this weekend, so next year I hope to have a good showing of them.

My marigold are still going strong, and I’ll be collecting seeds from them too. Especially, they’d bold red ones.

I told you my mums would just explode and well…

I included Burton in that last picture for scale. It’s literally a shrub with just a mass of flowers!

Now I’ve got work to do, so I’ll leave you with my nasturtiums…


11 thoughts on “The beginning of the end

  1. Those banana peppers seem so big! I don’t eat them so I don’t know if that’s the normal size? They sure seem huge. All of your plants still seem to be doing so well. The mums!!!! Goodness!
    My potted flowers are still blooming too and I hope to overwinter the geraniums at Larry & Nita’s house. She offered to keep them for me. It worked last year!
    Have a great Saturday!


  2. Val, your garden flowers and veggies did quite well I think! Taking in our Cactus that I watch for Zach, will happen around 40 degree lows outside. . It seems by doing this I get them to turn beautiful red colors before they come inside and live under the skylight.. I water them almost never!
    I think I’ve covered what went well here, : The echinacea, the trees we’ve planted, my cosmos garden for meandmyneighbor and the easy peasy Marigolds for Day of the Dead !
    I got a new pair of gauntlet gloves at Christmas. And I got a new pair of rubbery gloves from a pal, but they got full of icky stickers, so they are getting tossed


  3. Araignee

    What a wonderful growing season you had! For being so far north it amazes me how long your season is. Ours has been over for a long while but I think it is the heat and humidity that finally gets to the plants. They just give up and wither.
    I was just saying I wish our Thanksgiving was this weekend. We could do a family thing outside and stay distanced. It will be too cold in November to do it. Daughter works with the public every day and it would be risky to include her in anything and I’m not doing holidays without her. It’s sad. So sad.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Your flower gardens are just beautiful! Everything looks so vibrant and colorful. Love the red marigolds and your nasturtiums are the prettiest I have seen. Actually, it was another post where each photo was even more beautiful than the one before it. Happy Thanksgiving and hope you get all your garden work accomplished.


  5. Your flowers look beautiful. I have a hibiscus, too. I bought it at a garden center, and it has grown to over four feet on my patio. You have inspired me to think about bringing it inside. I usually let the frost take them and buy a new one in the spring.


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