No sock needle empty

With Paisley’s birthday socks done, the sock needles were empty. I don’t like it when sock needles are empty.

Socks are just too perfect to pick up and take with you when you need some road knitting. So regardless of what else I have on the needles, I always want at least one pair of socks going too.


Ok… so it’s not exactly ON the the needles, but what I can I say? I was on a roll. The yarn is our Stray Cat (sport weight), so it knits up pretty quick. It’s dyed as a gradient (one of Mom’s creations). As you can see, it goes from a cream to a pretty clay colour with darker speckles all over.

These are for Dad, and I think they are the last birthday present I need to knit for the year, though I have to consult my excel sheet to be sure.

And as for those needles being empty, don’t worry – the second sock has already been started!

10 thoughts on “No sock needle empty

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That sock is just wonderful! Love the yarn. They will be very special for your Dad since the yarn was dyed by your Mom and you knitted the socks.


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