I’m certified!

A couple of months ago, I filled out a form on the Canadian Wildlife Federations website to register my little garden space. And the other day, I finally got some exciting mail…

And making your yard wildlife friendly isn’t all that difficult. You don’t need to set up a squirrel-sized restaurant…

Though that certainly doesn’t hurt.

No, it’s more about planting wildlife-friendly plants..

Like coneflowers for the butterflies. And then, leaving the dried up heads as a treat for the finches!

Adding feeders, and maybe a little watering hole helps too.

As does cover plants for creatures small and smaller

The general idea is to make your space welcoming…

The kinds of space where all of nature’s fauna are happy to just hang about!

9 thoughts on “I’m certified!

  1. kayT

    Congratulations! This is well deserved as you have a beautiful and useful space.

    We feed birds and squirrels in our yard too, but my husband doesn’t like blue jays stealing all the peanuts, so he has built a Rube Goldberg creation that lets the squirrels in and keeps the jays out. If he goes to sit on the patio in the morning to enjoy his coffee before feeding the squirrels, they sit on the back fence and GLARE at him! Soon they will be knocking on the door…as yours do, if I recall!


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