All my little toadies

It’s November first, so you wouldn’t expect to see much by way of garden stuff would you…. but I’ve been saving these little late-blooming beauties for you….

Long-time readers will recognize these as my Toad Lilies. I first discovered them a few years ago, and they quickly became a favourite of mine.

They are small, the blooms aren’t much bigger than a nickel. They are late-blooming – they don’t start blooming until mid-October, but keep going until we get a good frost (about the beginning of November). And they love shade! The front garden is mostly shade, so they are a nice little bit of cheer in a garden that’s tough to plant.

I’m supposed to have three varieties, but one has never bloomed. Still. The two I have are pretty enough, and always something to look forward to this time of year.

And for extra credit:

My Passion Flower was brought inside before things got too cold out, and she’s been showing her appreciation by popping out flower every other day or so!

Who says November has to be dreary?

8 thoughts on “All my little toadies

  1. Val, Good point . Im happy when the sun is out whether it is winter spring summer or fall. Your flower rescue was a great idea. Today Im going to harvest some seeds and see if they will sprout next spring ….annuals though: zinnia and cosmos


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