FO: Moose Hat

Another Christmas present has been ticked off the Christmas list!

This one is the aptly named Moose Hat. I love making hats as presents because they are practical, almost everyone can use a good winter hat, and they knit up pretty darn quick.

I had this one done in a couple of evenings, though I could have finished it in one, I just kept getting distracted by other things (I’m looking at you facebook games!)

I normally take pictures of hats on my mannequin head, Roxy…. but I seemed to have misplaced her (she’s not exactly small, so I’m not sure how I did that…). I had to model this one myself.

It’s a little big on me, which means it should fit the recipient perfectly! Now to see what else I can mark off my list quickly…

12 thoughts on “FO: Moose Hat

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What a great hat and gift for someone on your list! You will have your Christmas list completed before December at the rate you are going.


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