Princess Jalapeno 2003-2020

I am very sad to announce that our dear sweet Peno is gone. She’d started looking really rough over the last month. On Saturday, she was acting a little off. By Sunday morning, she’d slipped away peacefully in her sleep.

Peno came into my life in 2007, when I first moved out on my own. The first thing I did was go out and adopt a couple of cats. One was Tux. The other was Peno… and I basically adopted her sight unseen. The rescue they came from was closing down. The lady who ran it had found homes for most of her charges, except for a handful of “hard-to-adopt” cats. Tux was one (he had some aggression issues). I knew I wanted two cats, and I already had Tux picked out (well, he picked me). I asked her if there was another cat she knew would be really hard to place.

That was Peno – she was a semi-feral who had been brought to the rescue when she was six months old. Her siblings warmed up to people quickly, and were all adopted out. But Peno never lost her fear, and as a result, spent her first three years at the rescue. Finally, a family decided to take her, but brought her back a couple weeks later, because she wouldn’t stop hiding.

After hearing that, I knew she needed to come home with me. I told the rescue, even if she never came out of shell, she’d always have a safe, warm home with me.

And for the first month, I didn’t see her at all. She spent most of her time under my bed. Eventually, with a little patience, and a lot of treats, she started to come out. Within six months, she was constantly demanding our attention.

She still hid when company came (Mom nicknamed her phantom cat), but otherwise, she was a perfectly happy, well-adjusted cat. And she absolutely adored Dave.

The only thing she loved more than Dave was a good box…

The smaller the better.

She was patient with every new kitten/cat I brought home. Of all of them, I think she liked Rupert the best.

It took a several years for her to get comfortable with going outside, but eventually she got up the courage. She spent many days in the garden with us, munching on grass and soaking up the sun, before going back inside on her own, and having a nap.

We knew the end was coming. In the last year, she had lost her hearing, had occasional balance problems, and lost a lot of weight. I took this picture two days before she died. She was pretty much just bones and fur.

But until the last day, she never lost the spark that made her our purrfect little Princess Peno. She will be very much missed.

25 thoughts on “Princess Jalapeno 2003-2020

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s so hard to lose a pet. I loved reading the story of how Peno adopted you and Dave. Love conquers all doesn’t it? She knew you both loved her. And boxes. What is it with cats and boxes. Ours all did that too!
    I’m giving you a huge virtual hug my friend.
    Blessings and love,


  2. We’re so sorry to read about you losing your dear Princess Jalapeno. It sure sounds like she grabbed your heart from the get go and never let go. Purrs and warm thoughts to you from me and dad.


  3. kayT

    What a wonderful life you gave this shy little one. Thank goodness you found her! You will miss her but you can know you gave her so much (and she gave back so much). Thanks for telling her story, and for letting me start my day with tears and smiles both.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    It is heartbreaking when a pet passes away. I am very glad for the life you gave Peno. Sending hugs and caring thoughts to you and Dave.


  5. Araignee

    Oh no…..what terrible news. She was such a sweetie. I looked forward to her antics. She won the life lottery being able to go in her sleep in her own home. We should all have it so good.
    May her furry little memory be a blessing.


  6. I just saw this, and I am heartbroken. But I never knew Peno’s story until now, and I’m beyond thrilled that she found you and you found her and that her life was wonderful. You certainly have an angel watching over you now.

    Take care.


  7. It is never easy, especially when they have been by your side and in your life for so long … may you find joy in her memories as you did with her in life. Blessings to all.
    Peno, Forever.


  8. Such a beautiful life the princess led. And to die at home, surrounded by everything that she loved, must be the passing all pets want. God bless you for giving Princess Peno her marvellous time on Earth. Godspeed, Princess.


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