Many of you said knits always go fast when you’ve got stripes, and you’re right!

Despite being fingering weight, this little cardi body just flew off the needles.

It helps that it’s the small size (Rowan is only 12), and that it is cropped. But those stripes definitely helped too. You always want to get through a colour before setting it down.

The twisted ribbing on the bottom was a bit of a slog, but I got through it. And it was well worth it. My tension on 1-1 ribbing is always terribly sloppy. When I do twisted ribbing, it just seems to tidy it up.

Next up, I have the sleeves. And a hood. This one is far from done, but I’m happy with the progress so far. I’m aiming to have it off the needles by the end of November. That will leave me three weeks to make a matching one (different colours) for her sister.

8 thoughts on “Cropped

  1. What a sweet little sweater. I feel the same way about stripes. They just seem to go faster.
    I did twisted rib on a C.C. hat and it seemed to take forever. I lose all of my speed with that going in the back stuff. It does look really nice though.
    Take care and happy Wednesday.


  2. Araignee

    So sweet!!! I’m doing some twisted ribbing on a project too and it is a slog. It does look better than my regular ribbing but I sure hate doing it.


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