Friday felines

It’s November, and as usual, it means a fair few cold, rainy days (and occasionally even cold enough for snow).

You’d think, being a stray cat for the first half of his life, that Relic would be more than content to stay in a nice, warm house on those cold, dreary days. But no.

He’d rather go out…

and lay in a ditch, looking sad and pretending still has no home.

I go out in the rain, and call to him, inviting him back into the warmth. But he ignores me. He sits in the ditch until I go back in.

And as soon as I’ve got the door locked, and walk away…

13 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Yup – that’s how cats are, for sure. Tyg woke me at 3:30 this morning to go outside!! And (of course) he has to have some food first and needs me standing by him while he chows down. Luckily I got back to sleep.


  2. Araignee

    That is our latest kitty. He would rather stay out on the cold wet deck all day then come in. I think he’s guarding his new home. At least he does come in at night unlike the other silly ones who have to stay out all the time.


  3. Now that is a cat for you! We have numerous cat doors for their convenience but they like to sit on the windowsill by Bill’s seat and meow at him to come in! He yells at them and then lets them in! lol Love our furbabies!


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