Green Sleeves

Well… Green Sleeve anyway…

The first sleeve is done, and now I’ve picked up stitches for the second one. Can I finish it by the end of this week? That’s the goal, but we’ll have to see how it goes.

There was more 1-1 twisted ribbing on the cuff, but it wasn’t as bad as the body – this was all in the round. I don’t mine knitting through the back of the loop, but purling through the back? Now that takes some serious skill. I will have to do more ptbl on the bands, but I won’t be there for a while yet.

I’ll worry about it when I get there!

9 thoughts on “Green Sleeves

  1. This sweater is such fun! I’ve done purling through the back loop a few times – it is HARD!!! I’d rather knit than purl anyway, but add in a twisted rib and gah! But, it does look pretty when one is finished.


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