Little things

I am a big believer of taking joy in the little things. So here are some little things making me happy right now.

Little thing#1

I reinvested some of the profits from the quilt sales to get more fabric to make more quilts! I ordered a couple bolts of plain fabric, and a few other goodies from Missouri Star Quilts, and got this adorable unicorn pins as a free gift.

Not only are they sweet – the packaging is cute too! I love it when companies are able to throw in free (but useful) gifts. I did another order (still on it’s way) and it’s coming with a five pack of small scissors… because you can always use another pair of small scissors!

Little thing # 2

You may or may not know that in addition to cats, we also have fish. When Dave and I first started dating, one of our common interests were aquariums. I had always wanted one, and he had a HUGE 90 gallon one in his bedroom. For my birthday that year, he gifted me with a 40 gallon tank for my own room.

Of course, the years went by, we moved in together and merged households. His 90 gallon was too big for our little townhouse (it’s still in storage, awaiting the day we have room for it), but my 40 gallon was just the right size. We keep a variety of fresh water fish, including a pleco, angelfish, gouramis, danios, and clown loaches. Well last summer, one of our gouramis started getting aggressive with his other gourami pal. So while Dave was at work, I dug out one of our spare empty, 5 gallon tanks and set it up in the bedroom on my dresser. I moved the poor abused gourami in there.

And while he was no longer being picked on, he looked a little lonely. So a few days later, I went to the fish store and got him about six guppy friends.

But then fast forward a couple months, and the gourami died. But the guppies had started breeding like… well… guppies!

So now the 5 gallon tank is a “breeder” tank, and every few months or so, I have to scoop a pile of guppies out and transfer them to the big tank downstairs.

It’s hard to get a good picture of the guppies with my phone, but I love having this little tank in the bedroom. Both big and little tanks are planted with live plants – it’s just a little bit of nature indoors for me!

Little thing # 3

As you know, I have a thing for gnomes. And not just in my garden…

Neighbour Krista gave me this little gnomette last Christmas. It’s actually a Christmas tree decoration, but I hung her on one of my spider plants so I can enjoy her all year round.

Little thing # 4

Lockdowns and public health measures can’t stop Squirrelington’s from staying open!

As long as the peanut supply stays strong, we’ll keep our little friends fed!

7 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Love all of your little things. I didn’t know that you liked fish too. I’ll bet the tanks are great entertainment for the cats. 🙂
    The unicorn pins are really cute. I like when companies do that too. And of course you’re right, you can never, ever have enough scissors.
    Word is going to get out about Squirrelington’s. The neighbors will be popping over for some treat soon.


  2. Wow, fish care sounds like lots of work to me. I’m glad mom and dad only have to take care of me, their queen bee. The Squirrelington photo is so gosh darn precious!


  3. Araignee

    We used to have a giant aquarium in the living room for years. My oldest son loved fish too. The day we had the earthquake here it was the tank that let me know in advance something was wrong. I remember looking at it and wondering why the water was pushing over the top right before all hell broke loose. I’ve lived through a lot here but the earthquake was the worst. It is a horrific feeling because no place is safe. I can’t look at a tank now without thinking about it.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    I love all your little things! I hope I will always be able to appreciate my little things. Sometimes it’s the little things that make (or break) a day.


  5. The little things in life are the best! I so agree. I bet that the unicorn pins were a sweet surprise when you saw them. And the aquariums are great- I had a 10 gallon one for years, and kind of miss it.


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