Under the sea…

The other night, I couldn’t sleep, and came downstairs to get a glass of water. There I found Burton keeping an eye on the fish tank.

He has to sit on the dining room table to do so. And the dining room table is out of bounds for cats.. at least when Dave is around to see…

Burton is absolutely enamoured with our plecostomus. But our pleco is very shy. He only comes out late at night when he thinks no one is around. I took the opportunity to get a picture of him.

He was only an inch or so when he first came to live with us. Now he’s a good four inches (or more) long!

We also have this pretty blue Opaline gourami too. Neighbour Krista bought him for me a few years back (she used to work at a pet store)

He mostly hangs out with our angel fish. I’ve had fish for many years, and always have at least one angelfish .This the is first time I’ve ever had one that is solid black. He’s the boss of the tank.

There was also a neat little surprise in the tank. You may recall that I have the whole thing planted with live plants instead of plastic ones.

But I was amazed to see that one of them had bloomed! I’ve never had that happen before. It’s similar to a peace lily!

5 thoughts on “Under the sea…

  1. Araignee

    I find fish tanks relaxing too. I used to love to sit and watch the one we had but I did hate cleaning it. Our water supply is terrible here so it was too much effort to keep a tank up.


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