Not quite finished…

(Sorry if you saw this post yesterday, it got scheduled wrong…)

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and I’m sure you were hoping to see an FO post but…

Bogatell is still on the needles. As you can see, the first sleeve is done (and I’m actually well in to the second). If I’d done nothing but knit, I might have been able to finish it before the year was out. But I had other things to do.

I don’t mind though. I’m closing in on the end, and it is quite an enjoyable knit. I love the effect of using three different shades of grey for the big stripes. And the mauve and magenta on the skinny stripes are so striking. You can’t see it, but the mauve has lovely shifts in shade – it’s a beautiful yarn! And I should have enough left to make a pair of socks for myself from it.

6 thoughts on “Not quite finished…

  1. Araignee

    I do that all the time too. I’ve had to delete whole posts so I could get them on the right date. Sometimes, when life is boring-like now, I’ll write up several posts at a time as fillers in case I just want to lie about all day. Coming up with blogging material is hard during a pandemic. I’m bored to tears with pretty much everything and feel guilty about starting something new.


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