First knit FO of 2021: Bogatell 2.0


Paisley’s Bogatell hoodie is blocked, ends are sewn in, buttons are on … it’s 100% complete and I couldn’t be happier! I’m not just happy to have it off my plate – other than dealing will all the ends, it was an enjoyable knit!

But, I’m thrilled with how it looks. I love the colours – the mauve and magenta pin stripes add just the right amount of pop. I love the three different shades of grey. I love the little ribbed details, and the hood. I love it all! It’s all Wollmeise Twin so 100% washable.

Other than the size and colour, there are a few small differences from the one I made her sister.

  • To save my time and sanity, I didn’t do twisted rib in this one. An unless you are looking VERY closely, you can’t tell.
  • You may notice that the mauve and magenta alternate through the stripe sequence. This is actually the way the pattern is written, but I didn’t do it for Rowan’s because my blue stripe didn’t contrast enough with the green main colour. Having it on the outside of the stripe set would make it get lost.
  • I added more buttons to Paisley’s. If there’s one thing I’m tempted to do on Rowan’s, it’s rip out the bands, and add more button holes. The pattern only calls for five, but once I got Rowan’s done, I didn’t think it was enough – so Paisley’s got seven.

And speaking of buttons.

Yep. I Hello Kittied Paisley’s too. The colour was right, so I figured why not! If Pee doesn’t like them, I can always change them out for her.

I really want to make one of these for myself… (I have enough HK buttons left too!!!), but maybe not for a little while. I need something new and refreshing!!!

10 thoughts on “First knit FO of 2021: Bogatell 2.0

  1. Shirley Elliott

    WOW!!! That is so beautiful! I loved it during the knitting process and the completed sweater is just awesome. Those buttons are so perfect.


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