FO: Two by two

As you know, hot on the heels of finishing Paisley’s cardigan, I cast on a hat for her boyfriend. In just a couple evenings, it was finished.

The pattern is Two by Two. A simple ribbed hat. As I said in my last post about it. I was playing yarn chicken… and I think it was a tie. The hat is supposed to have a folded brim. As I was knitting, it was apparent I wasn’t going to have enough to do that, so I started the decreases earlier for a plain beanie style. I can live with that.

It’s a touch large on me (though the ribbing gives it a secure fit) so it should fit Cameron just fine.

I will make the pattern again – it’s a nice, standard man hat. However, I will change the top a bit – this one, as you can see is a bit pointy. It doesn’t matter much when on, but I’d decrease a little differently to get a rounder top.

I used the Cascade 220 Wave that was leftover from Ray’s socks, and you can see the subtle ombre effect the yarn has. I think it gives an otherwise plain hat just the right amount of interest.

Now… January chill has set in, and my feet are cold. Excuse me while I got finish MY socks!

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