Dreams of spring

It’s about this time of year that I really start pining for my garden. Oddly, it doesn’t seem to have it me very hard yet. Maybe it’s because it’s beena fairly mild winter so far… they kept saying there was a polar vortex on the way, but it hasn’t really materialized. And we haven’t had much snow. Every week or so, we get a good dumping, but then it’s melted a day or two later.

Also, I’ve no grand plans for expansion or new things this year… as we hope to be in a new home by summer. It doesn’t make sense to do any more here. Still, on grocery day, I couldn’t resist bring these happy little mini daffodils home with me from the grocery store.

(You can see how green it is outside through the window).

None of my indoor plants are blooming, but they are all doing pretty well. I got a few new planters for some of my succulents.

It;s an odd little trio of friends (elephant, owl and bear) but they came as a set.

The owl hold a pup from one of my plants – it’s my first time propagating them, so hopefully he does well. The parent got a cool new planter too.

I found him on Amazon and he was so cool, I just couldn’t resist. He’s hanging off a curtain rod in the bathroom right now, but he’ll get a proper hook soon.

I wanted to repot all the babies on this big beast (which was started as a cutting from one of my Mom’s plants, about seven years ago), but those babies are rooted around the momma so tight and so deep, I’m going to have to depot the whole thing to get them apart. It will have to wait until spring, when I can do it outside!

Is there anything green and growing in your world right now?

9 thoughts on “Dreams of spring

  1. jatshaw

    I loved seeing your house plants! I, too, have lots of indoor plants that seem to help keep our rainy winters from being so drab. Oh, and I am now caught up on the SAHRR, but didn’t copy your design. Boy, am I ever rusty at piecing; for a long while I’ve focused on knitting, and it’s been fun to do something different for a change. Next I am going to get out my embroidery stuff. What do you think next week’s challenge will be?


  2. That whale planter is wonderful! Perfect for a bathroom planter. The other three little ones are cute to. The only plant I have right now is a bamboo plant that was given to me today for my birtday on Monday. Any suggestions for care? I always kill succelents and bamboo. I’ve been told it’s impossible to kill bamboo but I manage to do it. Beautiful babies on the plant. .
    Take care,


  3. Araignee

    What sweet little plants you have! We finally got cold enough for everything to turn brown this week. Ugh. I love winter but I am over this one.


  4. I love the whale planter. I have loads of green things around me because I live in Florida. I miss the starkness of winter up north, it has an incredible beauty that I can’t see anymore. Stay safe.


  5. Oh I love the pots for the succulents !
    I got a Burpee catalog for summer already. f
    Let me just tell ya Val, I’m ten minutes away from my turn with the snowblower. We have a gorgeous but heavy new snowfall.
    However, Tomorrrow is a new month and I dunk my air plants on the first day .
    As for summer, If Burpee thinksIm’ spending 6.99 on a packet of their cosmos seeds, they are crazy. I saved a lot of seeds from last year and I hope to grow them all and give some away!


  6. Those daffs are so cheerful.

    I only have to plants in the house. The Christmas cactus is done blooming, but is still alive. That’s a Christmas miracle in itself. My orchid was not doing very well. I had it in a north window and I think maybe the heat vent blew on it. The leaves yellowed. I moved it to the kitchen and while it looks pretty scraggy, it hasn’t lost anymore leaves. Hoping to see a bit of new growth come spring.


  7. Before this latest snow storm hit, I could see plenty of green poking through!
    I’ve taken a few online native plant courses, and have a few more to go. My ‘add to the garden’ list grows with every one, because I want to entice birds, butterflies and moths, bats, and all kinds of bees into the yard.
    But, actually garden activity isn’t happening for months yet.


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