FO: Into the Mystic

The owl baby quilt is done and dusted!

It wasn’t planned, but this one ended up being a bit of a collaboration between Mom and me. As soon as she she saw that centre owl, she was determined that I let her quilt it. So I did my usually loops all over the rest of the quilt, but left the owl blank. Then I handed the machine over to her.

She did a little free-hand work and I think it’s pretty spectacular!

As mentioned in my last post about it, I used the pretty purple floral flannel for the back, and the purple plaid for the binding. Like Mom’s quilting, they are just perfect!

This one is now in the shop and ready to fly to a new home!

12 thoughts on “FO: Into the Mystic

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That is such an awesome quilt! That purple fabric just enhances the other fabrics and makes the design spectacular. Such perfect binding and backing. Your Mom is an artist with her quilting abilities!


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